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Working with Children Checks

People working or volunteering with children in South Australia must, by law, have a Working with Children Check (WWCC).

A WWCC is facilitated by the Department of Human Services’ Screening Unit and is an assessment of whether a person poses an unacceptable risk to children. As part of the process, the Screening Unit will look at criminal history, child protection information and other information.

Edmund Rice Camps requires all volunteers to have a valid Volunteer WWCC. Volunteer WWCCs are free and can be applied for at any time. ERCSA does not accept any other clearance such as a National Police Clearances.

If you already have a paid WWCC as part of your employment, you can use that check to volunteer without getting a new check.

A valid DHS/DCSI child-related employment check will be recognised as a Working with Children Check until it expires. Then, you must apply for a new Working with Children Check.

The WWCC is valid for 5 years and is continuously monitored.

For more information see this infographic from the Department of Human Services.

Applying for a Working with Children Check

Don’t leave it to the last minute – allow at least six weeks to process your application

To start your application

You can head to this link to start your application. On that initial form include the following information:

Proposed Start Date: Enter a date 2 weeks from your first camp

Role Description: Respite/Holiday Camp Volunteer with Edmund Rice Camps SA

Screenings Required: Working with Children Check

Applicant Type: Volunteer

Once you have started your application

  • Once you begin your application you will receive an email from Account Security.

  • The email will be called: Setup your account at

  • This email will tell you to change your password. You can then begin your application.

  • You must complete and submit your application within 28 days or your application will be deleted and you will need to start the application again.

To complete your application you will need:

  • information about your full legal name and any names you may have, including previous names, maiden name, names you have legally changed, aliases and informal names (like nicknames)

  • your current address and 10 years of address history

  • If you are verifying your identity online (100-point check), you will need an Australian driver's licence or permit, plus one of these:

    • Australian birth certificate or extract

    • Australian citizenship certificate

    • Australian passport.

Renewing your Working with Children Check

If you are renewing a current DHS screening, you can submit a new application up to six months before your current one expires.

Submitting your WWCC to ERCSA

To submit your WWCC to ERCSA, simply include your SRN Registration number and expiry date with your application form, or send through those details when your check is approved. 

Keeping everyone safe

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