Volunteer Working Parties

Make real impacts.

Introducing 3 new working parties for Edmund Rice Camps SA. ​

To establish and sustain advocacy events and campaigns in the ERCSA community

  • 4 - 6 x ERCSA advocacy events per year

  • ERCSA in Action Report for       Annual Report


Attendance at min. of 6 meetings a year


To support the ongoing sustainability of ERCSA

  • 1 x volunteer satisfaction survey per year

  • Support of ERCSA training

  • Research and application to relevant grants


Attendance at min. of 4 meetings a year


To support and develop ERCSA 
formation both on ERCSA programs, and throughout the year.

  • Ed Talks

  • Annual Leader’s Weekend

  • Annual Formation Evaluation


Attendance at min. of 4 meetings a year

Why is this happening?

We want to set up these three groups for a number of reasons. We hope they will:

  • work towards enriching and sustaining the amazing work we already do

  • identify areas for growth and development

  • provide you as volunteers a space to drive the progress and direction of ERCSA

  • give you the opportunity to learn and develop skills for your professional life

  • establish a space for volunteers to contribute to ERCSA when they can no longer regularly attend programs 

How will this all work?

After an initial set up stage, that's largely up to you. Below you will find an expression of interest form for each working party. We ask that you prioritise joining one group. We're aiming for 8-10 people on each working party. Regardless of if you are new to camps, have been consistently volunteering for the last 4 years, or have stepped away, we want you! We want a real diversity of voices and experiences.


We are also looking for 2 co-convenors to guide and coordinate the work of each working party. Their responsibility would be to: 

  • Organise and coordinate meetings

  • Guide the direction and discussion of meetings

  • Delegate or take meeting minutes

  • Coordinate with ERCSA Staff

In the initial set up of these working parties, Co-Convenors will be selected by ERCSA Staff. For the appointment of co-conveyors in 2021 and beyond, we will look to the working parties to set up a transparent and volunteer-led appointment processes. 

If you have any questions , feedback, or concerns, get in contact with either Jess ( or Stefan (

Expression of Interest Forms

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Country on which our programs and offices take place. We are inspired and nurtured by the wisdoms, spiritualities and experiences of our First Nations Peoples. Together we work actively for reconciliation, justice, equity and healing.

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