Volunteer Code of Conduct

At all times Volunteers and Employees set an example of acceptable behaviour for children and young people. Through modelling positive behaviour and interactions, all Volunteers and Employees set a standard for children and young people to follow which is not confusing or contradictory.

To achieve the mission and goals of Edmund Rice Camps (SA)., Volunteers and Employees undertake to detach from their own needs and focus on participants, following the example of Edmund Rice:

  • Familiarise myself with the policies and procedures of ERCSA and adhere to them at all times.

  • Be punctual, polite, reliable and accountable

  • Refrain from the use of stereotypes (gender, cultural, etc.) sexist or derogatory language and the use of threatening or aggressive words and actions at all times.

  • Put my personal relationships with other Volunteers/Employees on hold while undertaking or participating in an ERCSA program. Whilst I will form close relationships and I need to care for myself, I will remember that ERCSA programs are an environment where the needs and best interests of the children, young people and families come first at all times.

  • Commit myself to developing an appropriately friendly and supportive relationship with all participants on Camp. At all times, I will be mindful of the responsibilities that I have as a Mentor, Role Model and Leader.

  • Strongly discourage swearing and inappropriate language in both Participants and Volunteers/Employees, understanding that I must lead by example.

  • At all times promote fair play and team spirit as the theme of any game or activity. They are first and foremost for the benefit of participants. Volunteers own enjoyment of them should be secondary to the participants’.

  • Accept full responsibility for the care of equipment and locations used by ERCSA. I will also encourage children, young people and families to care for the equipment and the locations used by ERCSA.

  • Be prepared for the physical, emotional and psychological demands of attending an ERCSA program and as such ensure that I have sufficient sleep each night while on an ERCSA program and am ready for full participation.

  • Monitor my stress levels and ensure that I seek support when I need it.

  • Accept and respond positively to the support and direction of the Senior Leadership Team, including requests to take rest breaks.

  • Participate in all activities fully and be present to supervise activities, unless my Senior Leadership Team gives me a designated task or break.

  • Leave my mobile phone and all other electronic devices secured away during daily activities/camps.

  • At all times, avoid being alone with a child/young person in accordance with the Child Protection Policy.

  • Not smoke in front of participants. If I smoke, I will negotiate a suitable arrangement with the Camp Manager, recognizing that it is preferable that there is no smoking at all during any ERCSA program.

  • Be aware of maintaining a Child Safe Environment at all times.

  • Physical contact with participants should only be at the instigation of the participant and in line with ERCSA’s Physical Contact/Presence Guideline.

  • Respect the confidentiality of participants, volunteers, employees, and all other ERCSA stakeholders.

  • Give notice of intention to leave the organisation.

  • Carry out specified role descriptions both responsibly and ethically.

  • Not contact participants outside of ERCSA programs except as arranged through the Executive Officer, with the full agreement of the agency and family involved.

  • Not use, carry, or consume, alcohol or illegal drugs on, or immediately prior to camp.