Summer Camps 2021

Camp information

Date: Monday 18th Jan - Friday 22nd Jan 2021

Location: Dzintari (see here)

Both camps will be held at the same campsite, but operate as two separate camps.


Why is this happening???

First off, we won't be in the Boarding House this Summer due to maintenance. In booking a campsite, by doing two camps together we can save upwards of $10,000. 

Since Jan 2019 we've had approx 120 volunteers attend a camp, and judging from the level of interest in spring camps, we're anticipating that the 48 Leader spots for Jan will go quite quickly.


In order for this to all work, and minimise FOMO as much as possible we're doing something a bit different for Summer. There will be three steps to get on camp. 


Step One: Register your interest

You will have until Friday 25 of September to register your interest via the form below. 


This does not guarantee your spot on a Summer Camp. This is for me to be able to determine:


  1. The capacity for new volunteers

  2. Who is interested in attending

  3. Who is interested in CC, PC, and GL roles


Please do not circulate this to anyone who has not yet volunteered with ERCSA.


From this week of data, we'llthen be able to make some decisions around how many new volunteers we allow on, and how the process for registration will work.


Step Two: Open Registration

On Tuesday, October 13, registrations will open. The responses from Step One will determine how this registration will work:

Option 1: If there are over 30 responses, the process will be more formal than usual and happen over a shorter time period, and with clear communication around how many spots there are for returning and new volunteers.

Option 2: If there are under 30 responses, the process will be as per normal, with regular new volunteer levels of 6 - 12.


Step Three: Place Confirmation

No matter which way it happens with step two, your place will be confirmed by November 2.

Register your interest in Summer 2021

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