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Our Programs

more than just a camp

Our programs are built on our values

We believe in being authentic, open, and honest in all that we do.

On our programs we encourage our campers to be their authentic self. We celebrate diversity and empower everyone to be who they are. 


We are a community of positive and respectful relationships where people feel like they can belong.

We are focused on building positive and significant, relationships between campers and our volunteers.


We are committed to best practice standards in the care, safety, and wellbeing of all.

On our programs, we are dedicated to mitigating risk, strict adherence to our policies, procedures, and guidelines, and safeguarding all those in our care. We also establish a safe space for all campers and volunteers to thrive and enjoy the camp experience.


We believe in the transformative power of joy, laughter, and happiness.

On our programs we strive to create an environment where everyone can enjoy the experience of just being a kid. 



We actively create spaces and opportunities for young people to develop and thrive.

Our programs are designed to empower and create an environment that facilitates personal growth.

Our program types

Teen Camps

(13-15 year olds)

Our Teen Camps are usually three-day programs held throughout the year.


They are designed to build positive relationships between our young adult volunteers and campers, with a focus on role modelling and confidence.


Activities are focused on building resilience, self-esteem, and positive risk-taking. 

These programs are spilt between gender  typically run over a weekend (Friday night - Sunday afternoon), or over a weekday period in school holidays.

Younger Kids Camps

(8-12 year olds)

Our Younger Kids Camps are three day-long programs that offer a diverse and fun set of activities. On a typical camp, campers will experience an excursion (usually the beach or a national park), craft activities, games, and sport.


They are typically in the summer and winter school holidays and bring together our campers with our young adult volunteers acting as mentors and friends. They are residential programs and are fully catered.

These programs typically run from a Tuesday morning until a Friday morning, and are co-ed.

Our Family Camps focus on not simply providing an escape from the difficulties of home, but also building a sense of familial unity, bonding, and strength. The program is usually held over a weekend and invites parents/carers/guardians to bring their children along to enjoy the experience. The program includes activities for guardians separately and alongside their children. These include the typical Edmund Rice Camp activities –  games and quizzes, active activities as well as opportunities for respite for guardians. ERCSA also hosts Family events during the year, including our Christmas Party.

Family Camps

For more information about getting involved in our programs head to our 'Refer a camper' or 'Volunteer' pages.