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Winter Camps 2019

We are fresh off of our two July Camps. Here's what one of our volunteers, Chloe, had to say about her experience.

"The recent older kids camp was a true testimony to the power of the Edmund Rice Camps community. The theme of ‘Around the World’ took us on a week-long journey, with a focus around building inclusive communities. It was wonderful to see the participants’ growth in action and watch them band together to represent their countries (groups) in various challenges throughout the week. Throughout the week everyone was engaged in the excellent program with activities, ranging from pizza making, to singing their (written on camp) national anthems at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games and even a talent show, where everyone performed together. The week also featured a Lego incursion where everyone was able to show their creativity and their team pride. The final night’s candle sharing was an opportunity for the kids to reflect and show their gratitude, in which we got to see the amazing bonds over the week, and the maturity of the participants. I feel incredibly grateful to have been on the camp and to have been a part of such a positive environment where everyone, participants and leaders alike, felt empowered to be their best selves and help build each other up."

A big thank you to everyone who made both of the weeks such huge successes!


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