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Summer Camps successes!

Last month we had two very successful Amazon Adventure themed summer camps. During the week of the Older Kids camp we were delighted to have a visit from one of our board members Filip Puccini. Here is his reflection of what he experienced: “At the camp, I witnessed youthful enthusiasm, uninhibited fun, noise, and laughter. A united group in their experience...The camp experience makes you realise that youth is a special time, and childhood maybe more important. One’s childhood shapes them for many years to come. The impact of our volunteering helps us to make an impact on someone’s life that may last many years. In fact, the benefit (to the children and us) may not be realised within ourselves for years to come...A leader’s time in ERC is a chance to be surrounded by quality people, and to make lasting friendships. It is a time to give time to something for the greater good and to enjoy yourself along the way.” Among our SA leaders on the Younger Kids camp we were also greeted with a visit from Isaiah from Tasmania. "With open hands, and I felt at home with this bunch of Eddie Ricers. ​The week was just incredible, and I learnt so much from both the other inspiring leaders and the amazing kids that I spent time with. Of course the magic of Eddie Rice surrounded all the volunteers and participants throughout the week. Being in a different state, there were differences in the camp experience in South Australia to Tasmania, and it was very interesting to see all these throughout the week. One specific activity that I enjoyed that I hadn’t done before was candle sharing, where all of the camp come together in a nice reflective space and pass a candle around. It was just incredibly beautiful to see that all our hard work was making a difference. Although there differences in the camp experience, it was easy to see that all Eddie Ricers, no matter where they are from, were there for the same reason; to make the world a better place. ​I truly am very grateful to have had this experience ​I have gained so much from this opportunity and feel as through I’ve grown as a leader because of it. I definitely hope to go back sometime soon and see all the familiar faces, and also to do even more camps abroad." Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of both camps!


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