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Summer Camps 2020

This Summer we had two massive camps to start off 2020 - A Younger Kids Camps and an Older Kids Camp. Here's what one of our volunteers, Ashleigh, had to say about her experience on our Younger Kids Camp:

The January 2020 Younger Kids Camp was an amazing week for both the participants and leaders. This ‘survivor’ themed camp had all kids actively involved in challenges, competing to win immunity. This friendly competition between groups saw the kids connecting with each other and learning to work as a team. We were lucky enough to go on an excursion to the Morialta Playground as well as spend some time in the pool. Over the week I witnessed a growth of confidence in many participants and this was made particularly noticeable at the talent show when every child was given the opportunity to perform. I am so grateful to have been a leader on this camp and to remain a part of such a passionate and enthusiastic organisation.

Our Older Kids Camps was one of our largest in a few years and it saw two of our camp kids graduate from ERCSA Programs. The week was an affirmation for us as both of them expressed how impactful their 7+ years with ERCSA have been on them, and the way they see themselves. In the video, you can see some of our leaders giving one of the two young people who graduated a guard of honour when leaving camp.

Reflecting on their experience, one of our volunteers said that they were "... really lucky to work with such a great bunch of leaders that were so enthusiastic in making the week super special for the campers. Over the past few years, I feel like the changes we've made on each camp continuously enhance the experience, and I'm very thankful I get to be apart of such a cohesive, progressive and positive organisation."


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