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A message from the EO

To our community and volunteers,

It is with very mixed emotions that I wish to inform you that I have accepted a new role within Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania and will very shortly be moving away from the Executive Officer (EO) position for Edmund Rice Camps SA (ERCSA). I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of being the EO of this community and the opportunities that have come my way.

To our wonderful volunteers, I am confident that you have everything you need to carry out our mission so I know I can now do something different. Fortunately this something different will still allow me to contribute meaningfully to ERCSA, just from afar.

I am excited to be able to witness Stefan and Caitlin, and yourselves continue to thrive and I know that while your EO may be different the spirit of ERCSA will remain the same.

When I accepted the EO role I did so knowing that I was doing what was best for ERCSA at the time. I now wholeheartedly believe that ERCSA is ready for a new leader to guide us. Please know this has not been an easy decision, but ultimately I am grateful to be able to continue to watch our community build on what we have been able to achieve while I have been here. Experiencing how we have grown collectively since I started at ERCSA 5 years ago has been truly rewarding and something I will cherish forever.

Thanks, Jess


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