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COVID-19 & Camps

It has been determined that all staff, volunteers, and participants who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must be vaccinated prior to engaging with a service of Edmund Rice Camps SA. 

For those attending Summer Camp Programs this means: 

  • A first dose of vaccination by November 20 2021

  • A second dose of vaccination by December 20 2021

Evidence of having received the vaccine or being granted exemption will be required. These may be in the form of a COVID-19 digital certificate or an Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register, or a Medical Contraindication Certificate.

Edmund Rice Camps SA (ERCSA) is a member of Edmund Rice Community Services (ERCS). ERCSA programs, staff, volunteers and participants are required to act in line with ERCS policy and procedures.


The ERCS Vaccination policy has been drafted in adherence with the following key principles:

  • ERCS holds the health and safety of its community of participants, staff, and volunteers as a priority.

  • ERCS understands that many parents and guardians place the care of their children with us and trust that we will provide a safe and healthy environment for them.

  • Clear parameters and guidance ensure decisions can be made effectively and in a timely manner

  • The term ‘for the common good’ underpins our decision making in the policy

With registration lists already set for the January 2022 camps program, this places significant importance on our volunteers, referral partners and families to ensure that we are proactively moving to meet this requirement.

If you require any support in identifying the process for doing so, would like to discuss any specifics of this requirement or would like to view the ERCS COVID-19 Vaccination policy, please let us know.

Some elements of the policy include: 

Medical Contranination

Workers, Contractors, Volunteers, activity participants and Visitors who cannot have any COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical contraindication are exempt from being required to be vaccinated under this Policy.

Acceptable evidence of a medical contraindication is a Medical Contraindication Certificate. If the evidence provided by the Worker is not a Medical Contraindication Certificate, the Trustees may request additional information from the Worker and/or the Worker’s medical practitioner. Requests to Workers, Contractors, Volunteers, activity participants and Visitors for additional information are a lawful and reasonable direction.


Where a medical contraindication is temporary, the Worker will be required to be vaccinated when the Medical Contraindication Certificate expires, or obtain a new Medical Contraindication Certificate.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The vaccination status of Workers, Contractors, Volunteers,  activity participants and Visitors is confidential personal information.  Vaccination Evidence will be collected, used and disclosed to comply with any Public Health Direction and this Policy, in accordance with the privacy acts of applicable State/ National and National health records and privacy legislation. 

Consent is not required to collect Vaccination Evidence to comply with a Public Health Direction.  For all other purposes, Vaccination Evidence will only be collected with consent.

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