Our Programs

Here's a more in depth look at our programs

Our program ethos

A kids
first focus

In every aspect of our programs we operate with a 'Kids First' mentality. Whether that is our volunteers stepping outside their comfort zone to make a child laugh, or in our focus on Child Protection and Welfare, ERCSA is always Kids First.


Every program is tailored to its location, and to the volunteers and participants attending. Each program will include sports, arts and crafts, and games as well as other activities like bush walks, fishing, and swimming.  All of our programs include sessions where volunteers affirm the unique, positive qualities in each child on camp.

A 1:1

All of our programs have a 1:1 ratio of volunteer leaders to participants.

​This enables us to provide a fun and safe environment for every child; a unique experience that builds self-esteem and confidence, and promotes appropriate socialisation with others.

Our current programs

We run programs all throughout the year to meet the needs of our young people and their families.


As part of our Child Safeguarding practices we do not publicly advertise program dates or information.


If you would like information on upcoming programs please get in contact with our Executive Officer.

Weeklong Camps

Weeklong Camps are four day-long programs that offer a wide range of activities and opportunities for growth and fun! They are typically in the summer and winter school holidays and bring together 20 participants with 25-30 volunteers for a week of care, acceptance, and fun! They are residential programs and are fully catered.

Our Weeklong Camps usually have a 'camp theme'. Past themes have included Around the World, Tropical Summer Party, Time Travel, Superheroes and many more! These themes allow our volunteer leaders to get creative and create a unique camp program each time.

These programs typically run from a Tuesday morning until a Friday morning, are co-ed, and are generally split between 8-11 and 12-15 year olds.

Weekend Camps

Our Weekend Camps take the model of our Weeklong Camps and package them into Friday-Sunday programs. On these programs, participants can relax and enjoy a weekend of fun, where great friendships will be formed and additional adventure-based activity is experienced that develops confidence and resilience.

These programs typically run from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, are co-ed or single sex, and are generally split between 8-11year olds  and 12-15 year olds.

Family Camps

A strong family shapes the attitudes, the hopes, the ambitions, and the values of children. We believe strong families are not accidents but rather the result of intention, attention, and support. To us this means providing services to help and support families to become stronger and better able to nurture and support their children. Edmund Rice Camps SA is committed to positive child development, which includes the family home environment. The best way for our organisation to contribute positively to this environment has been to engage whole families in their camp experience.


Our Family Camps focus on not simply providing an escape from the difficulties of home, but also building a sense of familial unity, bonding, resilience and strength. Social isolation is addressed as many families establish relationships with each other and a sense of community. The program is usually held over a weekend and invites parents/carers/guardians to bring their children along to enjoy the experience. The program includes activities for guardians separately and alongside their children. These include the typical Edmund Rice Camp activities –  games and quizzes, sporting activities as well as opportunities for respite for guardians. ERCSA also hosts Family events during the year, including our Christmas Party.

Activity Days

Activity Days are fairly simple! They talk all the fun oif a weekend, or weeklong ERCSA program and do it all in one day.

Activity Days typically happen on a Sunday during school term time.

Head to Heart

Head2Heart is a 24 hour program delivered on school premises where student leaders are called to be responsible for participating children generally from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. We make use of the school facilities, and the comfort held by students who are familiar with the space. This allows students to concentrate on the task of mentoring and working with their buddy.

ERCSA volunteers will fill the usual program Positions of Responsibility and develop the program with the student leaders. We generally work with two partner schools, one which provides the leaders and the other that provides us with participants.